MacroAnalytics For The Digital Information Economy

TrendPointers MacroSentiment Analytics Provides The New Knowledge

We have all used the key indicators - from Consumer Spending to Consumer Confidence, the Dow to Housing Starts, and hundreds more to analyze the present and plan into the future.

But today’s environment needs measures that match the speed, diversity and volume of data and transform it into applied knowledge. MacroSentiment Analytics …
Defines, harvests, distills, analyzes, correlates and transforms the 24/7 flow of news into new quantitative measures of Economic Macro Sentiment and Uncertainty.

MacroSentiment & Uncertainty
Early alerts to key economic indicators
Sentiment impact on consumers & markets
MacroAnalytics for The Elusive Edge
TrendPointers Delivers “What’s Next..Right Now” Solutions For
Consumer Demand, Marketing, Media and Investment Planning

Consumer & Business Products & Services

Consumer & Business                          Products & Services

Advertising & Digital Media Advertisers & Agencies

Advertising & Digital Media Advertisers & Agencies
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