Information Influence Index (3i) & Analytics

We know that the daily flow of information, news and reports influences economic expectations and behavior. What’s the incremental value to your business and economic planning if you could have a leading look at the information influence trends weeks ahead of conventional indicators?

(3i) Incremental Value

The Information Influence Index (3i) Program Summary

We know that the daily flow of information, news and reports will influence economic expectations and behavior.

But analysts and planners are overloaded with data. Every day there is new data that emerges and changes faster than conventional metrics can capture analyze and apply. Today we need measures that match the speed, volume and complexity of the data environment and distills the most timely, relevant and useful metrics for business planning.

3i is the first analytics platform that transforms the daily flow of news and data from hundreds of consumer, business and financial media publications, websites and official economic releases into quantitative leading indicators of how that information will influence the behavior of consumers, businesses and financial markets—for critical decisions about risks and opportunities weeks ahead of conventional reports.

Information Influence Analytics™

Capturing the Emergence, Trajectory and Influences of Macro Level Data

Transform 24/7 economic news, reports, surveys and opinions into…


Trend measures of core economic activity that yield…

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Leading indicators and directional signals for incremental performance

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The New Alpha = Incremental Information

The new alpha is leading measures that anticipate the influence of conventional data on market prices and drive both the factual and speculative psychology of markets.

Information Influence Analytics™ (3i) is a new and original data set.

Every day new information emerges and adds to the cumulative influence on economic decisions and activity. 3i captures the 24/7 information as it emerges, quantifies its trajectory and calculates high probability indicators of the impact on near-term market and economic behavior.

3i is a near universal analytic for economic and financial market research.

Every economic, business, and financial market decision is based on original “information catalysts”… initial data that triggers decision criteria and algorithms…and these complex information interactions are captured in the 3i indicators.

The golden information “edge” aligns information flow with economic behavior.

With over 10 years of primary and live market research, TrendPointers™ has identified the optimal information flow patterns that connect “news” to behavior. 3i methods transform unstructured data and event-driven news into advanced leading indicators that are highly correlated to and lead key economic metrics.


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