The New Information Influence Perspective

3i indices provide a high-level view of the concurrent trends and shifts in a correlated set of economic behavior

An almost daily question is “what’s next?” 
This is  what…  “what’s next” … looks like. IEA have consistently provided the earliest alerts to when the cumulative macro-influences will manifest in notable shifts in the markets and the behavior of consumers.

Information Influence Index ™ (3i) Macro Environment
There are always clues that precede notable economic shifts, but not always the methods to identify the tipping points for a timely analysis and preemptive actions. The core sectors of the economy are linked – consumers, business, and financial markets. 3i captures and summarizes the continuous interactions and responses to influences which drive eventual behavior. This summary shows how 3i indicators have continually anticipated the biggest economic shifts since 3i measures started in 2006.


The 3i text analytics methodology transforms unstructured and structured data into a set of measures that provides distinct benefits over conventional measures for applied, real world decisions:

  • To be both descriptive and predictive of the continuous behavior and trends in consumer spending, market direction and economic activity.
  • Expand the window of opportunity, with earlier alerts that provide more time to plan, revise and employ preemptive actions for investment, marketing and economic actions.

Information Influence Index analytics are different from every other economic measurement system: 3i measures the actual and original data to create a new model of content + context + relationships. Conventional metrics, (e.g. consumer confidence, consumer spending) are based on surveys of people or activity reports that are lagging measures of what happened last week or last month. 3i is not derived from a recalculation of existing data – 3i is a totally new measurement and data set of changes in level and momentum of economic behavior and trends.

The Information Influence Analytics Concept

The new “efficient market” is the critical time value of leading information. IEA adds an earlier stage to the conventional knowledge process.

Significant, dramatic or world-changing events don’t happen every day. But every day does bring incremental information that accumulate toward tipping points that are relevant in shaping our world. 3i helps to anticipate approaching tipping points in U.S. economic and financial markets.

The 3i methodology is agnostic.

We will never know in advance all the critical influences. So 3i captures the depth and breadth of relevant macro-information and continually adapts the content and analysis to contemporaneous conditions.

The 3i Methodology

3i transforms ordinary data into usable and useful quantitative measures.

Transforming data into new leading measures must incorporate the elements of influence – a composite of content, linguistics, context, correlation and continuity – relevant to the targets – and be continually adaptive to the information environment.


A simple concept, a complex process

o Capture information earlier in its emergence – analyze the content, context and interactions – and transform ordinary structured and unstructured data into better leading indicators of target activity.

o A single platform of analytics of the intricately linked components of the economy for a more universal measure of macro-level analysis.

o TrendPointers 3i is an entirely new research method and output data set that can increase the potential for discovery of new analyses for more timely and influential planning.

o 3i collects information daily and is summarized biweekly and monthly for more than 10 years.