3i Analytics and Leading Indicators

3i Analytics are an Advance over Conventional Metrics.

The economic environment now operates on the basis of plausible uncertainty, dependent on multiple, correlated economic sectors: Consumers, businesses and markets. There are literally thousands of available measures of forecasts, opinions and estimated activity that are used for economic planning and financial market analysis. Despite the infinite variety of data, it is all used for a very singular decision: What to do today, next week or next month. And repeat this decision and risk assessment every day.

Managing the cycle of news flow + activity + feedback.

  • 3i captures the continuously variable data that quantifies the connections between information flow and eventual economic behavior of the markets.
  • The 3i process statistically aligns the emergence of new information with near-term behavior. The interval between the emergence of new information and when it appears in official reports and the headlines is a “window of opportunity” for preemptive actions and reassessment of strategy criteria.

3i Leading indicators provide high probability measures of key macro-economic measures.

TrendPointers MSA Leading Indicators

The only business of TrendPointers is to collect, analyze and transform the vast flow of data into highly time-valuable measures that are more effective than conventional measures in forecasting near-term economic behavior.

Core Measures

The 3i methodology produces core measures of macro-sentiment that are near universal measures of the variable influences on consumers, businesses and financial markets.

The core 3i measures are:

  1. Scaled measures of sentiment: Positive/Uncertain/Negative.
  2. The detailed sentiment is summarized in two indices:
  • EMSI – Economic Macro Sentiment Index
  • EUI – Economic Uncertainty Index

The Fundamental 3i Information Measures

3i starts with fundamental measures of sentiment. Examples are for the S&P, and the same comps can be done for most any available public or client data.



The Structure of Macro Information Influence Analytics

No one current number or index can capture the full nature and diversity of econometric and financial market activity.

3i is a building block system of macro-sentiment measures to meet the needs of contemporary applications.