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The TrendPointers founders were among the first researchers in the 1990’s to begin using internet-based methods to develop and adapt traditional methods of survey sampling and market trend analysis to address the challenges and opportunities in the emerging digital information environment. Today, the enormous volume and access to digital media and its unstructured nature requires specialized skills and experience in digital data collection, the mining of “meaning” from continuously evolving data and the expertise to convert this data into actionable measures of key business and investment metrics.

TrendPointers was founded in 2005 and is based in Northbrook, IL.



Information Effect Analytics has been developed by researchers with backgrounds in communications, behavioral and marketing research, who were among the first developers of Internet-based research methods. Beginning in the late 1990s, it was evident that the vast flow of Internet information would provide the knowledge from which new analytic insights and predictive analytics could be extracted to apply to economic analyses.

The IEA database in its current format starts from September 2006. News is collected daily and summarized weekly, biweekly, and monthly.

Leadership Team


Rich Spitzer has over 40 years of behavioral/communications/market research experience. He joined NFO Research in 1985 as Vice President – Research and Development. In 1986, Rich became Sr. Vice President of all company Research and Operations. In 1991, he was a member of the management buyout and IPO in 1993 and then led the research arm of the team to acquire and consolidate global research resources that grew by acquisition to be NFO Worldwide with nearly $500 million revenues in 2000.

Rich retired in 2000 to develop new internet-based research systems and founded TrendPointers LLC in 2005. Prior to NFO, Rich had executive research positions at Sears, Quaker Oats and Kap Consulting.

Rich serves as CEO of TrendPointers, responsible for R&D, Operations, and Business Planning.


Mike Shutty

Mike Shutty brings over 25 years of behavioral/communications/marketing experience to TrendPointers. He was Managing Partner and President of CFM Direct founded in 1989, a marketing agency focused on delivering information-based marketing solutions to the Financial Services industry. Mike led Client Relations, Business Development and Product Development for CFM Direct, creating winning strategies for clients.

Mike led the strategic sale of CFM Direct to Merkle Inc. in 2007 and the subsequent  successful integration of the two organizations. In 2006, Mike joined TrendPointers LLC as an investor and advisor and then became fully engaged as Managing Partner upon leaving Merkle Inc. in 2009.

In 2008, Mike co-founded Immerse!, LLC and launched two successful digital community properties — www.horseracingnation.com and www.derbywars.com.

Mike leads Client and Supplier Relations, Business Development, Communications, Analytics and Product Development.

Strategic Advisors

Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser is one of the founders of Waterstone Management Group LLC. He has extensive market and operating experience in Business Services and Technology for both public and private companies on a global basis. Prior to founding Waterstone in late 2003, he was CEO of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Americas and served on the Global Management Committee of the multibillion dollar provider of Consulting, System Integration, and Outsourcing Services. In the 1990s, he was an equity partner with Ernst & Young Consulting and served in a variety of senior management positions while maintaining direct client responsibilities for some of the largest clients of the firm. Prior to joining Ernst & Young in 1990, Mark was V.P. of Finance for Telxon Corporation and was also with Price Waterhouse.

Mark specializes in strategy, operations improvement, and corporate development for Technology and Business Service firms and advises companies in industries which compete heavily on information technology. He has experience in large scale M&A and advises some of the largest Private Firms and their portfolio companies in the technology sector.


Bill Lattyak is Vice President at Scientific Computing Associates Corporation (SCA), a statistical consulting and software firm. He has 25+ years of consulting experience with a focus in predictive analytics, time series modeling, and statistical forecasting applications. Bill works with clients from Fortune 500 and government organizations to small businesses in applications of financial modeling and investment, business forecasting, marketing research, inventory management, and operational planning. He also oversees project management and architecture design related to software integration, customization, and strategies for forecasting applications.

Bill has had the good fortune to have worked with several distinguished individuals in the academic world including Prof. George E.P. Box of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Prof. George C. Tiao of the University of Chicago, Prof. Mervin E. Muller of the Ohio State University, Prof. Lon-Mu Liu of the University of Illinois at Chicago, and others. He has co-authored several papers in applied and professional journals; is a member of the American Statistical Association and International Institute of Forecasters; and is an appointed Fellow at Zero Delta Corporation.

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